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CAS Spotlight: A Journey of Passion and Responsibility: Smart Indian School’s Climate Action Project

In the heart of Kuwait, at Smart Indian School, a group of young environmental enthusiasts embarked on a transformative journey to combat climate change through their Climate Action Project. Led by their passionate principal, Mahesh Iyer, these students took up the responsibility to protect Mother Earth with unwavering determination.

Climate Action Day: Road from CAD to COP

On November 2, Take Action Global (TAG) held its 4th Climate Action Day, an annual celebration of 4.4 million teachers and students from 154 countries taking climate action together in our community. Throughout the day, student voices were loud and clear: we understand the power of collective action and we are ready to create change in our communities and worldwide.

In My Climate Action Era

In an era where the urgency of climate action has never been more pressing, Take Action Global’s fourth annual Climate Action Day stood as a beacon of hope and action. The event not only symbolized a call to arms against climate change but also underscored the pivotal role of empowered youth, especially girls, in catalyzing change.

Climate Action Day

Empowering Change: Celebrating Students Taking Climate Actions in Classrooms Worldwide on Climate Action Day

In a time when the world is facing critical environmental challenges, the power of education and the enthusiasm of young minds in advocating for change cannot be overstated. Climate Action Day, hosted by Take Action Global, serves as a beacon of hope,

Climate Action day 2023

Climate Action Day 2023: A reflection by Scott Kennedy, Take Action Global Climate Scientist

As the sun sets on Take Action Global’s Climate Action Day 2023, we can all pause to reflect and appreciate the overwhelming synergy created by so many impassioned students, educators, scientists, activists, astronauts, athletes, and community leaders who came together to share their stories.

5 Reasons We Love Climate Action Day

6 Reasons We Love Climate Action Day

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and as the urgency to address it grows, so does the need for collective action. In a world where students from all walks of life are eager to make a difference, Climate Action Day has emerged as a powerful force for change. Here are five reasons why we love Climate Action Day and why it has captured the hearts and minds of educators and students everywhere.

Climate Action Spotlight: Solar Lamp Project Lighting the Way in Guinea-Bissau

The lack of access to electricity is a problem affecting about 760 million people worldwide, and the students of Escola Secundária de Gondomar are researching and finding solutions. They began this journey by researching Guinea-Bissau

Climate Action Spotlight: Climate Connections

Climate Action Spotlight: Climate Connections

When your school receives recognition from your country’s president, you know you’re achieving truly remarkable feats in your community. That is the case for St. Augustine’s National School in the Clontuskert community