Greening Futures: Bahrain’s Students Lead with Renewable Energy

  • Location: Bahrain
  • School name: Aali Primary Boys School
  • Students’ age: 7 to 10
  • Amount of students involved: 40

In the heart of the island Kingdom of Bahrain, a group of 40 students from Aali Primary Boys School led by their esteemed teacher, Amal Rabeea, embarked on a climate action journey through the Climate Action Project. Although they worked on multiple projects, one stands out the most: utilizing solar energy and recycled air conditioning units to irrigate farms. They took on this project to inspire other students in their locality and globally to leverage renewable energy in tackling climate change issues.

Participating in the project has profoundly improved the students’ awareness of environmental issues and their response to them, as collaboration between parents and the school has improved; more parents are encouraged to allow their children to participate in virtual events under the Climate Action program. Beyond the school walls, their activities have helped strengthen community partnerships within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Their teacher, Amal, further remarked on the synchronicity with other schools who joined Aali Primary Boys School in the Climate Action Project by greening their buildings, improving water, waste, and energy management systems, and the public health and well-being of school communities; students and teachers developed a stronger environmental conscience. 

After leading their 40 students in the Climate Action Project, Amal Rabeea wants other classrooms to be more hands-on concerning climate action by involving students in tree-planting, inventing climate action solutions, and involving the whole school community in climate action initiatives.

And to fellow educators, Amal Rabeea emphasizes integrating climate action seamlessly into the fabric of school life, permeating every facet, from curriculum to operations.

The journey of these young Bahraini students stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and collaboration in nurturing environmental stewards. Their endeavor is a guiding light for classrooms worldwide, illustrating education’s vital role in combatting climate change and fostering sustainable futures.