Climate Action Project.

To be launched on September 23, 2024.

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Imagine a world

Imagine a world in which youngsters across 6 continents connect virtually and solve one of the world’s most pressing challenges: Climate Change.

The Climate Action Project is a free 6-week project allowing teachers and students to collaborate on environmental topics.

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  • 6 weeks, free

    During 6 weeks students will explore, brainstorm, discuss, create, have fun, connect, present and share their findings via weekly videos.

  • Future skills

    The project targets important skills like creativity, empathy, real world problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking.

  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning

    By watching their peers’ videos learning becomes more authentic. During the last week there will be live online interactions and world renowned experts will share expertise during webinars.


Available in 14 languages and co-authored by WWF.


Our EarthProject app allows you to keep track of the impact created by our movement.

Climate Action Day

We conclude our project with an online event “Climate Action Day” on November 4.

Join Us.

Become part of a global community, receive badges and certificate, collaborate on environmental topics, explore causes and effects of climate change, develop solutions and take action.