How we got here.

Both Dr. Jennifer Williams and Koen Timmers have been teaching for more than 20 years. Based on different continents, they’ve been researching technology-enhanced learning, authoring several books, speaking at large conferences, and focusing on sustainability.

  • 2017

    What if?

    Thirty years ago they probably wouldn’t have connected and would’ve kept making change in their own countries. But through social media, they were able to support each other’s missions from a distance.

    Then, in 2017, they wondered: what if they could use their expertise and networks to launch global educational projects, allowing students and teachers not only to focus on issues but also to take action on those issues?

  • 2018

    Take Action Global

    So in 2018, they met in Brussels and joined forces, deciding to mobilize globally through climate education and student action. It was then that Take Action Global (TAG) was born.


  • 2020

    Environmental education

    In 2020, TAG officially went all-in on environmental education, growing its team and impact to meet the needs of this global moment.

  • 2023

    Climate education for all

    climate education for all

    Since then, TAG has grown into a community of 3.4+ million students and teachers. TAG has worked with WWF, NASA, UN, the Jane Goodall Institute, and more, to provide quality education experiences to people across 153 countries and commits to climate education for all working for access to information, ideas, and opportunities. With our programs, everyone from everywhere is welcome.