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Climate Action Education.

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Our Big Ambition.

Empowering 1 billion students

to take action for a cleaner environment by 2030

How will we achieve this?

Our work centers on empowering students and communities to take action for the climate and our collective future. Through projects, resources, and other innovative education practices, we support teachers in helping students be curious, learn about the environment, and make a difference in our world.


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Build a Brighter Future With Us.

Climate change is a shared challenge that requires our united action. Teachers and students are already stepping forward to meet this challenge. At TAG, we’re supporting them by providing the necessary resources. We’re partnering with people and institutions worldwide, using education to spur real action for the environment. It’s a joint mission: to learn, act, and make a positive change for our planet.

Climate Action Schools

We’re growing our team. Now seeking a Sales and Development Lead.

Partners and supporters.

TAG partners with a wide variety of experts and advocates in order to bring climate education to children worldwide. Our supporters represent and share a breadth of knowledge and experience in the challenges of climate change and a passion to reverse its impact on our environment.

None of this work is possible without the incredible contributions of a global community of people dedicated to building a healthier, more sustainable world.

Climate Literacy Petition.

We are pleased to announce that Take Action Global has partnered with EARTHDAY.ORG and Fridays for Future. Together, we are demanding worldwide access to climate literacy and education programs to ensure a holistic understanding of the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis and its underlying causes and consequences.