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The Climate Action Booklist for Classrooms is offered as a free resource for classrooms around the world and is published as a supporting resource for the Climate Action Project and associated climate education programs offered by TAG. Book titles are presented in categories based on general developmental reading levels. Each book is shared with a title, author, illustrator, book cover, and book description. Curator notes provide comments and guidance from global educators based on their own instructional practice.

Books are coded and tagged to provide ease of use for climate topics and in alignment to Take Action Global’s commitment to diversity.

  • Picture Books
  • Early Childhood (ages 3-6)
  • Early Elementary (ages 6-9)
  • Late Elementary (ages 9-12)
  • Middle Years (ages 12-15)
  • High School (ages 15-18)
  • Educators/Adult Learners

Thank you.

Special thanks to our global team of educators and students who served as curators for the Climate Action Booklist for Classrooms. Curators contributed book title recommendations according to a selection process honoring our community of global classrooms and our commitment to climate action.

Maia Bassett, Educator, China

Reuben Bathgate, Educator, China

Marj Brown, Teacher, South Africa

Hila Davies, Student, Singapore

Sharon Davison, Educator, USA

Lindsey DeLorey, Youth Programs Coordinator, USA

Anne Dolan, Lecturer, Ireland

Michael Dunlea, Educator, USA

Julia Fliss, Educator, USA

Allison Fuisz, Educator, Canada

Loise Gichuhi, Professor, Kenya

Maria Jose Gordillo, Student, Peru

Alberto Herraez, Educator, USA/Spain

Mario Herraez, Educator, USA/Spain

Malgorzata Kulesza, Educator, Poland

Abbie Nott, Student, United Kingdom

Tatiana Popa, Educator, Moldova

Kamal Preet, Educator, India

Abhilasha Singh, Educator, United Arab Emirates

Rola Tibshirani, Educator, Canada

Koen Timmers, Educator, Belgium

Nine Viaene, Educator, Belgium

Jennifer Williams, Educator, USA

Join as a curator.

Our Booklist contains 125 books for students of all ages curated by a global team of representative educators and students from our education community. We are committed to including more perspectives and more book titles.

Do you have book titles you would like to see added to the list? We’d love to grow our list and feature you and your top climate action book titles. Please complete this form to share.

Community sharing.

We believe that small actions collectively create impact and progress. More, we commit that the actions of classrooms–of teachers, students, and school communities–can lead the efforts of climate action in safeguarding our planet.

Join us extending an invitation to others to be a part of this mission of climate education for all. You, as a member of our community of action, can ignite change through a multiplier effect of sharing. We invite you to share this suggested post on social media or tell a friend or colleague at your school.

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