CAS Spotlight: Young Afghan Environmentalists Inspiring Climate Action

CAS Spotlight: Young Afghan Environmentalists Inspiring Climate Action

  • Location: Afghanistan
  • School name: Private School
  • Students’ age: 6 to 9
  • Amount of students involved: 6

In light of the growing concerns about climate change worldwide, a small group of students from Afghanistan are at the forefront of combatting the environmental crisis. Led by their dedicated teacher, Parwiz Shah Safi, these incredible young minds are crafting solutions to address climate change by participating in the Climate Action Project.

Their teacher led students to work on the 13th Sustainable Development Goal: Climate Action. They focused on raising awareness of the dangerous impact of nuclear weapons on human and environmental health. Additionally, the students explored the consequences of climate change in their surroundings, the changes in wildlife habitats, and extreme weather events. In learning about the causes of climate change, the young students learned about carbon emissions from vehicles and energy production systems.

After learning the causes and effects of climate change, they began taking action. They organized a community clean-up event to reduce pollution, started a school-wide recycling program, advocated for sustainable practices, and encouraged the fighters for peace and friendship in their local government. 

Using the power of technology, Parwiz led their young students to interact virtually with students from classrooms in other parts of the world, sharing stories demonstrating dedication and responsibility to our planet. Their experience in the Climate Action Project has helped them develop impressive enthusiasm and critical thinking from engaging in virtual interactions with classrooms in other parts of the world, united by their keen interest in tackling climate change.

Parwiz Shah Safi, their teacher, reflects on the experience as a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact young individuals can make in addressing global challenges. Below is a quote from Parwiz Shah Safi:

“Participating in the Climate Action Project opened my eyes to the urgent need for global collaboration in addressing climate change. Seeing students worldwide come together to work towards a sustainable future was inspiring.”

To fellow educators, Parwiz Shah Safi recommends emphasizing the importance of foundational understanding, collaboration, interdisciplinary learning, and student empowerment in embarking on such impactful initiatives.

The journey of these Afghan students stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us that regardless of age or circumstance, every individual can contribute to safeguarding our planet. Their story echoes the profound impact of education and collaboration in nurturing young environmentalists ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.