Empowering Environmental Awareness: Vinschool Times City’s Climate Action Endeavors

  • Location: Vietnam 
  • School name: Vinschool Times City
  • Students’ age: 15 year olds
  • Amount of students involved: 10

Under the guidance of their teacher, Van Vu Thanh, a group of ten 15-year-old students of Vinschool Times City in Vietnam embarked on a transformative journey with the Climate Action Project in 2023. 

Like several other schools worldwide participating in the Climate Action Project, the students worked on unique projects exploring the causes, effects, and solutions to climate change. One of the highlights of their experience was using music and other creative tools to raise awareness within their community on the proper disposal of batteries. They highlighted the adverse effects of batteries on soil and water, actively encouraging others to contribute to the cause. The students’ radiant enthusiasm couldn’t be contained as they shared their story of environmental protection during the 2023 Climate Action Day live event.

Van Vu Thanh expressed the project’s profound impact on their students, as evidenced by their belief in the reality of climate change, empowering them with the conviction that everyone can contribute to a better planet. Their teacher also underscored the importance of collaboration in effecting change, teaching them the significance of collective action in addressing global challenges. Participating in the Climate Action Project offered a unique avenue for international collaboration, enabling the students to connect with peers worldwide while fostering cross-cultural exchanges and learning experiences. The project’s flexibility allowed for valuable interactions, enhancing their understanding that climate change transcends borders and necessitates a collective global response.

“The Climate Action Project is an amazing platform for cultivating environmental awareness in my classrooms. My students are very excited to know that their videos uploaded on the website can be viewed by many worldwide. That also motivates them to try their best to learn more about the environment and make a change.”

The biggest takeaway for the students of Vinschool Times City and their teacher was the realization that even seemingly small actions have a meaningful impact on environmental conservation. One notable anecdote was the exhilaration felt by the students when connecting with their Korean counterparts, sharing their project’s initiatives, and realizing the universality of their mission.

Van Vu Thanh encourages fellow educators to embrace this meaningful program, emphasizing its flexibility and adaptability while stressing the significance of global connections and the opportunity to motivate students through certificates.


Vinschool Times City’s participation in the Climate Action Project exemplifies the potential for even a small group to contribute significantly to environmental education and advocacy, inspiring other classrooms to embark on similar journeys to foster global awareness and action.