Supporting Climate Action Education for New Teachers in Indonesia

Supporting Climate Action Education for New Teachers in Indonesia

Contact: Dr. Riley Justis, Chief Operations Officer, Take Action Global (

CLEARWATER, FL | March 4, 2024 – This winter, 41 leading educators from across Indonesian universities are meeting virtually with the shared purpose of making climate education more accessible to their students preparing to be classroom teachers. 

“Integrating climate education into curricula can foster a sense of responsibility and inspire sustainable practices,” explained Uci Kholidah, a participant from Universitas Negeri Surabaya. “It’s an essential step towards creating a generation that is well-informed, proactive, and dedicated to protecting our planet.” 

Take Action Global, a leading climate action education nonprofit organization, has partnered with the U.S. Embassy Jakarta’s Regional English Language Office (RELO) to deliver the 10-week Climate Action Exchange to help participants to build skills to guide their students in developing knowledge and skills to teach climate change.

“The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta is focused on supporting President Biden’s environment agenda,” said Regional English Language Officer Ruth Goode. “We are very excited about the ways in which these teacher educators will help generations of future English teachers to educate their students about the need to preserve and manage our shared environment.”

The program allows for the formation of a learning community around a shared understanding of the ways in which climate change impacts us as a global community. Each week, participants are challenged with the hard questions around these topics and are able to bring both the ideas and innovative learning practices directly into their classrooms. Students are then able to see the global interconnectedness and understand complex concepts through comparative analysis of the effects, impacts, and resulting realities within their local communities. 

“We are thrilled to partner with the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta on this important initiative. By equipping English Language educators with the skills to incorporate climate action education into their teaching, we can inspire future generations to become informed and proactive global citizens,” said Dr. Riley Justis, Chief Operating Officer, Take Action Global. 

“Education is a powerful tool for addressing climate change, and by investing in the professional development of educators, we can amplify our impact and empower future leaders to tackle this critical issue.”


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Take Action Global (TAG) is a leading nonprofit organization committed to climate action education for educators and K-12 students. During the past six years, TAG has served more than 4 million students and educators from 156 countries through the Climate Action Project, Climate Action Day, and numerous initiatives. TAG’s partners include: the UN, WWF, NASA, LEGO, Deloitte, FHI360,  the Jane Goodall Institute, and US Embassies and Ministries of Education worldwide. TAG is a co-author of the Climate Literacy Petition with the Earth Day Organization and Fridays for Future.