New Program Supports Teachers to Integrate Coding with Climate Action

New Program Supports Teachers to Integrate Coding with Climate Action

Contact: Koen Timmers, Co-Founder, Take Action Global (

Contact: Bryce Coon, Director of Education, EARTHDAY.ORG (

CLEARWATER, FL | February 20, 2024 – This spring, thousands of teachers and students worldwide will come together and use computer science foundations and the skills of problem-solving, creativity, and digital literacy to create solutions for our planet. 

The free, month-long global collaboration, named Coding for Climate, will begin on March 11 and reflects the modern learning environment where a convergence of technology and climate education. Take Action Global is partnering with EARTHDAY.ORG to launch this initiative, which will provide starter activities and learning resources for K-12 classrooms..

“Teachers everywhere have told us they want new and innovative instructional approaches and global partners for learning across the curriculum and grade levels.” said Koen Timmers, Take Action Global Co-Founder. “Coding for Climate is co-designed and facilitated by teachers, for teachers, to meet this need.”

The program will prioritize building educator confidence in adapting and designing their own lessons that create  links between classroom learning and the local issues. A Community of Practice will continue after the program ends and the partners will evaluate the program’s impact on both teachers and their students. Outcomes include a simple but scalable program that can help make sustainability and climate action more accessible and relevant for computer science teachers and learners. 

“EARTHDAY.ORG is thrilled to partner with TAG on Coding for Climate to produce materials that support students in understanding how technology can be used to address the climate crisis and to provide them with the tools to become global problem solvers,” said Kathleen Rogers, President of EARTHDAY.ORG.


About Take Action Global

Take Action Global (TAG) is a leading nonprofit organization committed to climate action education for educators and K-12 students. During the past seven years, TAG has served more than 4 million participants from 158 countries leveraging partnerships with the UN, NASA, LEGO Group, Deloitte, Ashoka, FHI360, the Jane Goodall Institute, and Ministries of Education. TAG is a co-author of the Climate Literacy Petition on Earth Day 2022 with EARTHDAY.ORG and Fridays for Future.


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