Nurturing Sustainability Through Hydroponics: An Experiential Learning Journey at Pathways World School

In the pursuit of fostering a holistic educational experience, PWS Primary School has embraced the trending methodology of hydroponics—a soilless cultivation technique. Recognizing its potential to instill sustainability values and offer experiential approach, they have incorporated this innovative learning experience into their students during ‘WIN’ Clubs.  

Students delved into the intricacies of building a DIY hydroponics system, exploring the significance of a soilless medium, the vital role of nutrient solutions, and the various stages of a plant’s life cycle—from germination to hardening and acclimatization. This immersive journey goes beyond conventional subject boundaries, transforming hydroponics into a powerful tool for interdisciplinary education.

By applying biological principles to comprehend plant growth, delving into chemistry to maintain nutrient solutions, and employing physics to optimize lighting and temperature conditions, students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also witness real-life applications. This dynamic approach showcases how experiential learning enriches the process of acquiring knowledge, preparing the students for the challenges and opportunities of the futuristic world and cultivating a deep-rooted understanding of sustainability.

Mentors : Bhavna Mathew , Mimi Goon Brown and Apoorva Teotia