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The Promise of a Garden: From School Garden Interest to School-wide Initiative

Over the past several months, our team at Take Action Global has had the opportunity to join in conversations with community members to discuss ways classrooms can take action for the planet through sustainability and environmental education. With classrooms exploring climate across the curriculum and across grade levels

Committing to Climate Action Education

We know to tackle the climate crisis, we will need the hands, hearts, and best ideas from every person at every age from everywhere. Take Action Global is proud to offer the Climate Action Schools Program for global PreK-12 schools.

Two girls have a discussion in a classroom while looking together at a poster.

15 Climate Action Classroom Conversation Starters for Earth Day and Everyday

Incorporate this easy classroom activity into your curriculum. Get your students discussing sustainability and climate action topics.

TAG Scholarship Fund

Help us increase access to climate education for all by providing scholarships to schools in need ready on our waiting list for 2023.

Climate Action Schools

Take Action Global is delighted to welcome 100 global schools to the 2022-2023 Climate Action Schools community.

Annual Celebration Reaches 3.4 million Teachers and Students from 149 Countries

On November 3, Take Action Global (TAG), a leading climate action education organization, hosted its 6th Climate Action Day.

Millions of Teachers and Students Worldwide Take Climate Action Together

Today, 3.4 million teachers and students from 149 countries celebrated Climate Action Day, the culminating event of the Climate Action Project.

Global Survey Launched to Support Education for Climate Action

Take Action Global, Shift Insight, and EARTHDAY.ORG announce a partnership to create and launch an open, global survey for educators.

Cartoon Network and Climate Action Project join forces to empower students to fight climate change

Cartoon Network EMEA combines forces with Climate Action Project, a six-week climate change program reaching 1.2 million students across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.