15 Climate Action Classroom Conversation Starters for Earth Day and Everyday

Looking to get a conversation started around climate action with your students? We’ve got you covered with these 15 conversation starters designed to be used across content areas and across grade levels. Scroll to the end to check out an extension idea, and please keep us posted on how the conversations go. Let’s work together to build positive experiences with the planet–great for Earth Day and everyday! 

Dive into climate action topic questions

  1. Land, air, water, fire: what represents you best, and why? 
  1. If you were invited to take a photo of nature to add to a book about our planet, what would you photograph, and why?
  1. Name 3 sounds of nature. How do those sounds make you feel? 
  1. What is a way a person could take action for the planet in just 1 minute? How about 1 hour? How about 1 month?
  1. What are examples of blue-green infrastructure in your local area? How might you work to preserve, protect, and celebrate these areas? 
  1. Sit outside for 3 minutes. Pause, notice, and be present. Later in the day, tell a friend about what you could see, smell, touch, and hear. 
  1. How can entrepreneurs address climate change? 
  1. How might tourists on a vacation take climate action? 
  1. Look at a menu from your favorite restaurant. What menu items would you deem as “earth friendly,” and why? 
  1. How might a community demonstrate climate resilience? 
  1. Wind energy or solar energy? What would work best at your school, and why? 
  1. What are the colors of our planet when you look out your window? What are the colors of our planet when it is viewed from space? 
  1. Everyday experiences–electricity, transportation, food, fashion, trash. Consider your day today and ways you can take action for the planet in your everyday activities. 
  1. How might you thank a climate action hero?  
  1. Tell the story of a special tree in your life. How might you honor that tree?  

We’d love to grow the list! Please be sure to share your ideas for climate action conversation starters for the classroom on social media with the #ClimateActionEdu hashtag.

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