Contact: Koen Timmers
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Take Action Global

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Williams
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Take Action Global

World Economic Forum Recognizes Climate Action Leadership of 3.4 million Teachers and Students from 149 Countries.

CLEARWATER,FL | January 17, 2023 –  Today, the World Economic Forum designated the Climate Action Project as an Education 4.0 Lighthouse, one of 16 innovative public-private collaborations that are reimagining the childhood learning experience. The Forum, which engages the foremost political, business, and cultural leaders to shape the global agenda, recognized the leadership of the 3.4 million teachers and students who participate in the Climate Action Project at its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland attended by 2,700 world leaders.

“Young people worldwide are witnessing climate change and want to take action. They understand the power of collective action and of the integral role that they play in creating change at a global-level. Their actions make our Lighthouse shine brightly,” said Jennifer Williams, Co-Founder, Take Action Global (TAG) the nonprofit organization behind the Climate Action Project, a free program that brings together thousands of PreK-12 classrooms from around the world to examine climate change and environmental literacy. During the six-week program, teachers use curriculum and lesson plans in 16 languages to guide students through weekly activities. Students use the EarthProject app to track their daily actions and measure the collaborative impact being made. 

In the final week of the Project, participants celebrate Climate Action Day, a global online event where students ask questions and share their actions with world leaders, climate scientists and researchers, and international youth activists. Climate actions have included:

  • Students in Malawi planting 60 million trees to save a lake;
  • U.S. students developing a solar suitcase which was shipped to a Kenyan refugee camp where it now offers free power supply to a partner school;
  • Canadian students developing cheap solar lights which were shipped to a Kenyan slum where it offers free light to 200 families; and
  • Portuguese students making a plastic recycling machine which turns plastic waste into bowls and cutlery.

“Climate action education has an important role to tackle climate change on a global scale. It informs students, takes away climate anxiety, and brings important skills to a classroom including empathy, creativity, and problem-solving,” added TAG co-founder Koen Timmers. “We are honored by this recognition and look forward to joining our peers in the knowledge-sharing networks and leadership meetings hosted by the World Economic Forum as part of this initiative.”

About Take Action Global

Take Action Global (TAG) is a leading nonprofit organization committed to climate action education for educators and K-12 students. During the past six years, TAG has served over 3.4 million students and educators from 149 countries through the Climate Action Project, Climate Action Day, and the Climate Action Schools program. TAG established partnerships with international experts and world leaders, including WWF, NASA, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Deloitte, and the Jane Goodall Institute, and 20 Ministries of Education. TAG is accredited by the UN Environment Programme and a co-author of the Climate Literacy Petition on Earth Day 2022 with the Earth Day Organization and Fridays for Future.