Take Action Global partners with UNICEF ahead of Kinderklimaattop

Take Action Global has officially partnered with UNICEF Belgium ahead of Kinderklimaattop (the “Children’s COP”). Through partnerships with several organizations, UNICEF has committed to supporting schools in Belgium with written methodologies for teaching about climate. The methodology encourages teachers to invite Belgian students to create solutions for climate change and suggestions for the government to take to COP28 in December 2023.

As part of this partnership, our team at Take Action Global created a new section to our recently launched Climate Action Platform, allowing teachers to submit their solutions in up to two languages in an effort to reach our global audience. These solutions are to be collected by UNICEF and showcased to world leaders at COP28. 

The Kinderklimaattop takes place on 13th November 2023, welcoming children in-person for the first time since COVID-19 forced the Summit online. It is open to children ages 10-12 from across Belgium and participation is free. During the event, students discuss and showcase their work to the Belgian government and youth representatives who will be attending COP28. The aim of the summit is to give voice to Belgium’s youth on these crucial issues and involve them in the decision making process of key climate policy. 

For more information on the event, please be sure to check out our initiative here