Climate Action Spotlight: Community Building

  • Location: Indonesia
  • School name: Millennia World School
  • Students’ age: 4 to 13
  • Amount of students involved: 200 to 300

Millennia World School in Indonesia is at the forefront of climate change education. With guidance from one of their educators, Mahrukh Bashir, an average of 250 students have participated in the Climate Action Project since 2017 with hands-on learning experience, learning workshops, and community engagement in environmental action.

Climate Action Spotlight: Community Building

Mahrukh’s students have created organic compost from their school’s food waste and planted trees in the school’s surroundings. Their work goes beyond their school into the larger community. They do this by organizing climate workshops at neighboring schools and creative reuse workshops for local families. Their effort underscores their commitment to community engagement and environmental sustainability

As a model of environmental excellence, the students of Millennia World School have been empowered to become environmental leaders beyond their classrooms through their interdisciplinary approach to climate education. They recommend that other teachers interested or already involved in the Climate Action Project begin to set clear, measurable goals and let students take ownership of different parts of the project—they found success in this model. They also suggest ensuring students engage in hands-on learning experiences, as practical lessons about the environment are often more engaging and fun for the students.

“Seeing firsthand the students’ authentic and real-world contributions fueled by their passion truly resonated with me. Their initiatives, however small, are tangible, active contributions as part of a larger, global movement that significantly raises my hopes for a better future for our planet.”

Mahrukh’s students have enhanced their understanding of environmental issues and developed essential life skills like teamwork and leadership. This hands-on experience has ignited their passion for sustainability, fostering a sense of purpose and community connection.

Climate Action Spotlight: Community Building

Mahrukh’s biggest takeaway from the Climate Action Project was observing a particular student evolve from having passive interests in environmental health to becoming the ambassador for their environmental campaigns in neighboring schools. This emphasizes the ripple effect of the project’s impact on the students and their surrounding community.