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New partnership with Anthesis

18 March 2023/by Wout Blockx

Educators and Practitioners Worldwide Share Strategies to Overcome Barriers to Teaching about Climate Change

1 March 2023/by Wout Blockx

New Program to Support Environmental Literacy in the English Language Classroom to Support Teachers Across the World

24 January 2023/by Nine.Viaene

World Economic Forum Recognizes Climate Action Leadership of 3.4 million Teachers and Students from 149 Countries

18 January 2023/by Nine.Viaene

TAG Scholarship Fund

Help us increase access to climate education for all by providing scholarships to schools in need ready on our waiting list for 2023.
27 November 2022/by Nine.Viaene

Climate Action Schools

Take Action Global is delighted to welcome 100 global schools to the 2022-2023 Climate Action Schools community.
7 November 2022/by Nine.Viaene

Annual Celebration Reaches 3.4 million Teachers and Students from 149 Countries

On November 3, Take Action Global (TAG), a leading climate action education organization, hosted its 6th Climate Action Day.
4 November 2022/by Nine.Viaene

Millions of Teachers and Students Worldwide Take Climate Action Together

Today, 3.4 million teachers and students from 149 countries celebrated Climate Action Day, the culminating event of the Climate Action Project.
3 November 2022/by Nine.Viaene

Global Survey Launched to Support Education for Climate Action

Take Action Global, Shift Insight, and EARTHDAY.ORG announce a partnership to create and launch an open, global survey for educators.
11 October 2022/by Nine.Viaene

Cartoon Network and Climate Action Project join forces to empower students to fight climate change

Cartoon Network EMEA combines forces with Climate Action Project, a six-week climate change program reaching 1.2 million students across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
27 September 2021/by Nine.Viaene