A Mile High in Denver: Journey to ISTE Live 2024 with Take Action Global and Adobe

In the spirit of sustainability, collaboration, and creative expression, Take Action Global is excited to join together with the team at Adobe for Education to host a local Educator EcoWalk in Denver at ISTE Live 2024. 

As we geared up for the annual conference and the walk, we caught up with the Adobe team for a livestream to share our top tips for conference goers. Check out the recording, and read more about our tips for taking action at ISTE Live – both at the in person event and from your home if tuning in online.  

Taking Action at ISTE: Our Top 10 Tips

Before diving into the buzz of the conference, let’s rewind a bit to our fantastic live-streamed event where we shared our top 10 strategies for making the most of your ISTE Live experience, whether you’re here in person or joining virtually as part of #NotatISTE.

  1. Share Your Excitement 🎉

    Start your ISTE journey on a high note! Share your enthusiasm on social media, tag us at @TakeActionEdu, and use the hashtags #ClimateActionEdu, #ISTElive, and #NotatISTE. Let’s spread the energy and get everyone pumped up for an incredible learning experience!

  2. Care for Our Planet with Your Daily Conference Choices 🌱

    From reusable water bottles to eco-friendly travel options, let’s make conscious decisions to reduce our carbon footprint. Denver is a beautiful city, and we can keep it that way by being mindful of our environmental impact.

  3. Stay Connected with Creative Updates 🖌️

    Keep your creative juices flowing by following our partners at Adobe (Booth 1600) for the latest updates and tips on using their tools to enhance your classroom and advocacy work. Creativity meets sustainability right here at ISTE!

  4. Make It onto the Leaderboard for the EarthProject App 🌎

    Download the EarthProject app (free for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play) and take action for the planet! Complete challenges, earn points, and see your name rise on the leaderboard. Let’s turn climate action into a friendly competition!

  5. Explore Our Amazing Sessions 📅

    Dive into Adobe sessions on creativity and student expression. Check out the full schedule and mark your must-attend sessions! 

  6. Support Local and Give Back 🏞️

    Denver has a rich local culture and community. Support local businesses, enjoy a meal at a family-owned restaurant, and consider donating to local environmental causes. Small actions add up to big impacts!

  7. Take Time for Rest and Relaxation 🧘‍♀️

    ISTE is exhilarating but can also be exhausting. Remember to take breaks, enjoy some downtime, and recharge. Whether it’s a walk in a nearby park or a quiet coffee break, taking care of yourself is just as important as soaking up knowledge.

  8. Share Generously and Ask, “Who Is Missing from This Conversation?” 🗣️

    As we discuss and share ideas, let’s remember to include diverse voices and perspectives. Ask yourself who might be missing from the conversation and how you can bring their insights to the table. Let’s ensure our dialogue is as inclusive as possible.

  9. Share Your Story and Amplify Your Voice 🎤

    Use our digital business card template to share your story and connect with others. You can customize it for your iPhone background (1284 x 2778) or Apple Watch (1080 x 1080). Let’s create a network of change-makers ready to take action for our planet!

  10. Sessions on Taking Action—For People and Planet! 🌍

    If you are in Denver, we invite you to attend our sessions dedicated to climate action and sustainability in education. Connect with like-minded individuals and gain practical insights to bring back to your community. Let’s make sure our actions today build a better tomorrow for all.

Join Our Eco Walk on Sunday, June 23rd:


As part of our commitment to taking action, we’re hosting an Eco Walk on Sunday, June 23rd, at 8 am MT. Join us for a refreshing morning stroll through Denver’s scenic spots, where we’ll discuss sustainable practices and how to make the most out of your moments. It’s a fantastic way to kick off the conference, connect with others, and give back to our beautiful host city. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring your reusable water bottle!

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