Climate Action School Spotlight: Romania

By Climate Champion Angela Ghinea

Climate Action School Spotlight: Romania


The Green Week is organized in all schools in Romania, and it’s full of activities related to ecology and environment preservation. Each school has its own chosen week when these activities will take place. Our school, Ion Luca Caragiale College Ploiești Romania, organized these activities between 25 March 2024 and 29 March 2024.

Over 100 teachers and their students did environment friendly activities so our students acknowledge the importance of preserving the environment and also preventing climate change. We did various activities such as planting, recycling, creative workshops like pottery or fashion design using recycled materials; we also organized trips to explore the environment and clean it.

At the beginning of The Green Week our teachers created with their students drawings on the environment issues problems and put these drawings on panels.    

Our Climate Champion Angela Ghinea and her coordinated team organized Green Week activities with their students. Their activities were diverse and related to almost all environment and lifestyle issues. We organized a trip to explore the seaside environment and other wonderful activities like lessons on health and nutrition and fighting pollution and also creation workshops.

A Week of Action

Monday, 25 March 2024 – trip to the seaside

Our team and their students took a trip to the seaside at The Black Sea in order to explore the sea environment, exchange ideas about reducing sea pollution and keeping a healthy environment. We even did a little cleaning on the shore. It was beautiful.

Tuesday, 26 March 2024 – healthy life lesson

Our team and our ninth grade students reunited in a classroom and had a lesson on healthy life and reducing pollution. Teachers shared to our students the secrets on healthy nutrition, vitamins, minerals and about making sport and having a healthy sleep during normal hours.

Our students asked questions on the topic and our teachers answered their questions. The students were active and interested in changing and improving their lifestyle into a healthy one.

Wednesday, 27 March 2024 – pottery workshop

This was a very challenging yet captivating activity. Our team organized a pottery creation workshop. Our ninth grade students were very active, did their creations and exhibited them when finishing the activity. They learnt how to use clay directly and make their own pottery instead of buying new ones. This way they are reducing consumption and reducing pollution because they are not throwing away anything, they create new things using eco materials like clay. 

Thursday, 26 March 2024 – fashion design using recyclable materials workshop

Our team did a fashion design creation workshop. We invited two fashion designers that showed our students how to use recyclable textile materials and other recyclable materials to create clothes and accessories. They presented their fashion creations to the students. Our students were excited about this and wanted to create their own clothes by using recyclable materials. This workshop was a good idea because we all learned how to reduce clothes consumption and prevent pollution caused by throwing away too many clothes and textile materials. The fashion designer is explaining our students how to create jeans from two different used materials

Our students asked questions, and they got answers from the very talented fashion designers. At the end of the workshop, students were very excited and wanted to make their own original clothes using different materials, this way contributing to reducing pollution and consumption.

Friday, 29 March 2024 – art creation using recyclable materials workshop

Our team organized a creation workshop – we created art crafts by using recyclable materials. Our fifth grade students were very active and created beautiful art crafts by using recycled materials. This way they learned how to create their own decorations without buying new ones. They learned how to reduce consumption of decorative pieces and reuse materials to create new ones.

At the end of the workshop the coordinating teachers put the art crafts together and exhibited it to the students. The teachers congratulated the students on their work and they selected the most beautiful pieces of art created in this workshop. Students were very active and creative in this workshop. They did a great job in creating their own decorations.

In conclusion, the five days dedicated in our College to The Green Week were full of activities that helped students understand the importance of preserving the environment and applying the concept “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

Also the Climate Champion of our College explained to the students how their work will help us reduce pollution and consumption, this way preventing climate change in our local area. It was a great week and our students learned very much and committed to healthy life, healthy environment and fighting climate change.