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Twenty-Five Schools on Five Continents are Models of the Whole-School Approach to Climate Action

CLEARWATER, FL | June 25, 2023. Take Action Global and LEGO Group have selected 25 schools worldwide as Build the Change Showcase Schools, recognizing their intense work on climate education in a whole-school approach.

The initiative is driven by the LEGO Group’s sustainability team as part of their Build the Change program and Take Action Global. The showcase schools submitted their work for the past year and met extensive criteria, including a school-wide commitment to climate education and student solutions. The selected schools are based in Belgium, Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Moldova, Morocco, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, UAE, USA and Venezuela; covering five continents.

The LEGO Group’s Build the Change program is all about giving children a voice and allowing them to express their hopes and ideas for a better future through the power of learning through play.

Take Action Global, a leading climate education nonprofit based in the USA, serves 3.5 million participants in 153 countries with initiatives that aim to help students learn about the climate crisis and take action together.

David Pallash, Global Programs and Partnerships, LEGO Group said: “The team has worked with Take Action Global for a few years now so we are incredibly excited to take the partnership to the next level, further supporting schools in the network with a Learning through Play approach to Sustainability and amplifying more ideas from children around the world across both TAG’s and the LEGO Group’s platforms. Children have such incredible ideas that must be heard.”

For one year the Build the Change Showcase Schools will be working closely with the LEGO Group and Take Action Global. The schools will be able to learn, work together virtually across borders, inspire their peers with their ingenuity, work on challenges, and create and disseminate their own learning materials. Students will be able to work on prototypes of their ideas for impact which will be showcased by the partners.

“Youth has an incredible potential to create new things,” Koen Timmers, Take Action Global said. “If we allow them to engage in sustainability discussions and solutions, they can use their skills to craft solutions for global threats like climate change. We at Take Action Global are very excited to collaborate with LEGO to give teachers and students the opportunity to learn, share and take positive actions.”