Take Action Global is honored to be named as one of 17 civil society organizations in 2023 for formal association with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. As announced in the United Nations press release United Nations Department of Global Communications Approves 17 Civil Society Organizations for Association, Take Action Global proudly joins in a commitment to amplify the reach and impact of the United Nations. 

The Director of the Outreach Division, Maher Nasser, who chairs the Association Committee, welcomed the new civil society organizations who come from across the globe, including Australia, Burundi, Cameroon, India, Italy, United Kingdom, United States and Yemen.  “Association with our Department is the beginning of a journey that we hope will be enriching, not only to the organizations and their members, but also to us.  Civil society organizations bring new — and often creative — perspectives to multi-stakeholder forums that the Department is privileged to facilitate,” said Mr. Nasser said in his message to the newly associated organizations.  “Our work to address our global challenges could not succeed without collaboration and inclusion” (UN Press Release, 2023).

The 17 approved organizations work globally on issues including children’s rights, education, emergency response, access to quality health resources, environmental protection, marine life, rights of peoples with disabilities, cultural awareness, social inclusion, and women and youth empowerment, and include: 

  1. A Call for Peace Corporation – United States
  2. Arigatou International New York – United States
  3. Building Foundation for Development – Yemen
  4. Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network – Cameroon
  5. Friends Without A Border – United States
  6. Give Them a Hand – United States
  7. GoAhead Mission Inc – United States
  8. Institute for Life Sciences Collaboration – United States
  9. Kitchen Connection – United States
  10. Marevivo International – Italy
  11. Minderoo Foundation – Australia
  12. Nacham Africa – Burundi
  13. Swarovski Foundation – United Kingdom
  14. Take Action Global – United States
  15. Vedanta Society of New York – United States
  16. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – United States
  17. Youth of India Foundation – India

Take Action Global, as a mission-focused organization committed to climate education for all and as part of its role as an Organization Formally Associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, will work to:

  • Engage with the United Nations and its objectives and priorities 
  • Communicate on and inspire climate action 
  • Amplify outreach and advocacy on issues of global concern 
  • Attend UN programs and events and Briefings organized by the Civil Society Unit when possible
  • Follow and participate in open meetings of the United Nations bodies at the United Nations Headquarters in New York
  • Engage with United Nations Information Centres and Services in areas of our work and expertise
  • Commit to supporting the Decade of Action for a more sustainable future as defined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Use visual materials of the Sustainable Development Goals in activities and events
  • Share our organizational activities with UN 
  • Submit a compulsory report, the Biennial Review, on organizational activities every two years

Take Action Global invites its community of educators and climate education stakeholders to join us in the commitment to the work of the United Nations and the Agenda for 2030. We offer our gratitude and thanks to Ms. Abhilasha Singh (UAE), Ms. Nine Viaene (Belgium), Mr. Ronny Antony (Taiwan), and Ms. Lilli Schindler (USA) for their support in the application and review process and to the Members of the Association Review Committee for their time, consideration, and kind welcome. 

For more information on our work at Take Action Global and ways you can get involved, please feel free to contact us at contact@takeactionglobal.org.

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