Climate Action Project Spotlight: Igniting Local and Global Responsibility

Climate Action Project Spotlight: Igniting Local and Global Responsibility

  • School: La Purísima Franciscanas
  • Location: EFI Valencia, Spain
  • Students’ age: 16-18
  • Number of students involved: 35-40

In the lands where the famous and passionate Flamenco dance was developed, La Purísima Franciscanas EFI Valencia, located in Spain, has been an active member of the Climate Action Project since 2017, with approximately 35-40 students participating annually. 

Led by school representative Delphine Normand, their work has focused on making students more knowledgeable about climate change and empowering them to take action.

Delphine believes instilling a sense of local and global responsibility and love for the planet is crucial for students to take climate action seriously. She’s seen that this approach will make students conscious of how their actions can impact their future quality of life and affect biodiversity loss. 

Their Climate Action Project involved a number of activities including tree planting activities, recycling plastic bottles into vertical wall gardens to help reuse old bottles, conserve energy, and learn about improving air quality. Delphine and her students have also shared their climate action knowledge with primary school students through workshops. They focused on highlighting the impact they can have through their daily actions. They also organized simple hands-on workshops on various topics, such as creating homemade sandwich holders with waxed clothes and tree planting.

“Today, our students are the first to be affected by an evolution that impacts their future living conditions. Education is an essential means of combating this issue. At school with #ClimateActionEdu, Students can access a quality climate literacy curriculum and thus be informed and educated on the climate emergency. #ClimateActionEdu empowers them, but it especially inspires young people to action.”

The Climate Action Project has incredibly impacted the La Purísima Franciscanas students. From completing the activities came a realization that small daily actions amount to impactful changes on the planet. The workshops and partnership with primary schools helped develop a sense of empowerment within the students—and also an actionable understanding that climate change can be addressed and local and global levels. Other classrooms should get involved in the Climate Action Project to witness the transformation in their students. 

By addressing climate change, students become engaged in a global movement inspired by powerful young activists who serve as role models. They gain motivation, actively seek ways to change their daily routines and start making a positive impact locally, with the potential to extend globally. The project educates students and empowers them to be active participants in shaping a sustainable future.

To learn more about La Purísima Franciscanas’ Climate Action Project check out their website and follow Delphine on Twitter. For Delphine and her students, building a virtual presence has been a valuable resource for documenting activities and sharing information. 

The Climate Action Project is a free 6-week project allowing teachers and students to collaborate on environmental topics. Join the global community and kick off the Climate Action Project in your classroom on September 25, 2023.