Climate Action Project Spotlight: Success Through Global Collaboration

  • School: Randle Junior Secondary School
  • Location: Apapa-Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Students’ age: 11-16
  • Number of students involved: 65

Randle Junior Secondary School, Apapa-Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, has actively participated in the Climate Action Project since 2017. Led by Olawale Oyemade OYEKANMI, the school representative, a group of 65 students between the ages of 11 and 16 have been involved in various initiatives to address climate change and promote environmental stewardship.

Throughout their participation in the project, the students focused on several key areas: 

  • rethinking plastic waste management
  • promoting environmental stewardship for sustainable education
  • sustainable footwear making 

These activities have made them more knowledgeable about climate change, primarily through the introduction of virtual exchanges with students from other schools and interactions with experts in the field. Collaboration with parents and the wider community also played a vital role in their efforts.

The impact on the students has been significant as they’ve developed crucial skills like creativity, collaboration, and communication. Through their involvement in the Climate Action Project, the students are more environmentally conscious, gained entrepreneurial skills, and created a positive change toward sustainable practices. By engaging in environmental cleanups to tackle plastic pollution, the project allowed them to think creatively and engage in lifelong positive relationships for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Olawale Oyemade OYEKANMI is not only dedicated to helping his students come up with new sustainable projects for Climate Action Project yearly, but he is also a dedicated TAG partner, bringing new teachers and students into our community. Other classrooms can learn from their ability to incorporate creativity, income generation, and communication skills into their initiatives. Olawale and his students have leveraged the broad reach of social media to showcase their work, progress, connect with like-minded individuals, and inspire others to take action. A video of their climate action campaign can be found here: (VIDEO)

With Olawale Oyemade OYEKANMI’s help, the Climate Action Project program within Lagos has grown since 2017—23 schools participate in the Climate Action Project in 2022.

“My yearly participation in the Climate Action Project is due to my belief in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), as education is the tool to help actualize behavioral change to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change.

I also think virtual exchanges are essential to Climate Action activities as visual learning aid enhances self-reliance for sustainability through skills acquisition & entrepreneurial empowerment.”

The project also fosters behavioral changes necessary for a sustainable future and facilitates global collaboration toward pursuing and actualizing the Sustainable Development Goals (S.D.G.s).

The biggest takeaway from the Climate Action Project for Randle Junior Secondary School was the power of global collaboration and the establishment of lifelong positive relationships for climate change mitigation and adaptation. By collaborating with other schools through virtual exchanges, they realized that small actions could significantly impact the global fight against climate change.

The Climate Action Project is a free 6-week project allowing teachers and students to collaborate on environmental topics. Join the global community and kick off the Climate Action Project in your classroom on September 25, 2023.