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Empowering YOUth for Change
By: Lindsay Zilly

In an era where the urgency of climate action has never been more pressing, Take Action Global’s fourth annual Climate Action Day stood as a beacon of hope and action. The event not only symbolized a call to arms against climate change but also underscored the pivotal role of empowered youth, especially girls, in catalyzing change. It didn’t take long for a clear theme to emerge as the focal point: Small Actions Lead to Big Change. The day was a testament to the power of collective action, the importance of local engagement in a global context, and the significance of telling your story. 

Empowering Our Youth

At the heart of this movement lies the recognition of the immense power held by young individuals, in shaping the future. Take Action Global’s Climate Action Day was a platform designed to amplify student voices, ideas, and initiatives. It provided a space for these young leaders to showcase their innovative solutions, express their concerns, and lead discussions on environmental issues. Esra Sergi Bertani was exceedingly inspiring when she said, “Our inactions are putting our world and people at immediate risk. We need to act now!”  She went on to say, “Use your voice, and use your vote for people who are taking climate action!”

I love how Mala Sharma honored the indigenous people of the land where she was presenting prior to speaking. What an incredible practice to model for our students and educators! Her energy was contagious even in hour 6 of Climate Action Day!

Little Actions Leading Up to Big Change

The day was a celebration of the belief that seemingly small actions, when combined, can create a significant impact. It focused on the idea that everyone, regardless of age or background, has a role to play. Whether it’s reducing single-use plastic, promoting sustainable living, or supporting local eco-friendly initiatives, each action contributes to the larger cause of preserving the planet for future generations.

In fact, students from Kokua Academy in Hawaii exemplified this idea by sharing about their Campus cleanups. Thus young students shared about how each day he and his classmates walk the grounds of their campus, picking up star fruit and adding them to their  compost bin!

Students in Romania shared that the Climate Action School’s program gave them wings. They went on to say, “Although our school isn’t big, we are formidable.” Students as young as age three all the way through adult learners participated throughout the day for Climate Action Day 2023.

The insights shared by Iya Akilah Jaramogi and Kemba, detailing their stories of resilience and innovative approaches, resonated with me as a highlight of the day. Their message illuminated the universality of environmental activism, affirming that regardless of one’s chosen career path, opportunities exist to champion environmental causes.

“You can be an environmentalist in ANY field you go into for a career. Within your organization you can be a voice. We all play a part.”

Their words echo a compelling truth: in any profession, we possess the capacity to be advocates for change within our respective spheres, thereby contributing to the collective effort toward a sustainable future.

Being Part of a Glocal Community

The event highlighted the interconnectedness of local actions with global consequences. It emphasized the importance of thinking globally while acting locally. Participants engaged in discussions that explored how local initiatives could be scaled up and connected to the global efforts to combat climate change. 

Dr. Twila Moon is Deputy Lead Scientist and Science Communication Liaison at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, connected all the dots for me. She painted a comprehensive picture that illuminated the profound interconnection between our actions and the Arctic. She highlighted how the changes in the Arctic ecosystem, though seemingly distant from our daily lives, have a significant and direct impact on us all.  Even though we may not connect to the arctic in our daily lives, changes in the arctic are impacting us.

Through floods, water levels, sea ice and more! Her insights served as a stark reminder that the challenges in the Arctic are not isolated but are intricately tied to broader issues such as global warming, which impact all of us, regardless of geographical location.

This concept extended even further, embracing the idea that our actions on Earth have implications that reach far beyond, into the universe.

“When you see the planet from the vantage point of space, you want to come home and do better. When we get people activated to know personal responsibility to make a difference on our plant and really our universe!” Astronaut Leland Melvin advocated for climate change not only  for Mother Earth but for our galaxy.

Acting Now, Telling Our Stories

The urgency of the climate crisis demands immediate action. Take Action Global’s Climate Action Day stressed the importance of acting in ways that make sense for all, inspiring individuals to take responsibility for their actions and make informed choices for a sustainable future. The power of storytelling was leveraged, allowing participants to share their experiences, challenges, and successes in addressing climate change. This sharing of personal narratives encouraged empathy, understanding, and a stronger collective resolve to address environmental issues.

The event was not just a day of symbolic gestures but a catalyst for tangible change. It highlighted the need for collaborative efforts, policy advocacy, and individual responsibility in combating climate change.

Take Action Global’s fourth annual Climate Action Day was a testament to the fact that change begins with individual action and that empowering our youth, fostering a glocal community, and sharing our stories are crucial steps toward a sustainable future. As we look ahead, the echoes of this day remind us that our actions today determine the world we leave for future generations. 

The Climate Action Day 2023 full-day recording is available and accessible all year long. 

I take great pride in being a member of a community that passionately advocates for climate action education for all and actively engages in driving meaningful change for a better, more sustainable world. Thank you to everyone who made Climate Action day 2023 possible!

As we celebrate the incredible impact of Climate Action Day, we invite you to take a step further in your commitment to addressing the climate crisis. Here are three simple yet impactful actions you can take:

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Remember, collective action is key to combating climate change. Through these small actions, you’re contributing to bigger steps towards making a real difference. Thank you for being a part of the Climate Action Day! 🌍💚

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