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Climate Action School Spotlight: Understanding Responsible Consumption

  • School: Instituto Infantil y Juvenil
  • Location: Colombia
  • Students’ age: 3-18
  • Number of students involved: 1200

Students embark on a transformative journey that expands beyond their classrooms at Instituto Infantil y Juvenil—spreading climate action knowledge and awareness. Since joining the Climate Action Project in 2019, this Colombian school has nurtured a sense of environmental responsibility and empowered their students to become catalysts for change—all with the lead of their teacher, Giovanni Baquero Guevara.

Through virtual interactions with peers from other countries, they have broadened their knowledge, discovering diverse perspectives on climate change. These interactions have fostered curiosity and ignited a passion for a sustainable future.

One of the remarkable initiatives undertaken by the school students is “The Plastic Route,” an ongoing five-year environmental project focused on reducing plastic waste. 

By integrating this project across various subjects, students were engaged in comprehensive learning experiences that emphasized responsible consumption and respect for the environment.

Instituto Infantil y Juvenil also actively collaborates with the community and local authorities. These partnerships have created lasting impacts. The school has inspired positive change locally and in the surrounding areas through neighborhood clean-ups, composting initiatives, and educational workshops.

The Climate Action Project has impacted the surrounding community and the students. Through their Climate Action Project activities, they have embraced responsible consumption habits, implemented recycling practices, and developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By participating in community service projects and engaging with experts, these young minds have become agents of change, spreading awareness about climate change and inspiring others to join the cause.

The support material for teachers provided through the CAP is comprehensive, allowing a straightforward explanation of the factors associated with climate change. Likewise, it includes pedagogical activities that are easily implemented in the classroom. During the six weeks of the project, it was exciting to see the solution proposals presented by students and teachers from different countries, which were shared and presented in our classrooms. 

The success of Instituto Infantil y Juvenil lies in its holistic approach, integrating climate action into all aspects of education. Collective dedication from its teachers and parents has created an ecosystem where students thrive as sustainability ambassadors.

Other classrooms contemplating joining the Climate Action Project or starting a project of their own can definitely learn valuable lessons from Instituto Infantil y Juvenil. By incorporating climate change education across various subjects, fostering community collaborations, and embracing responsible consumption, schools can empower their students to become informed global citizens and create a sustainable future.

The Climate Action Project is not merely an educational endeavor but a transformative journey that instills students with a sense of purpose and collective responsibility. Instituto Infantil y Juvenil’s experience exemplifies the potential for education to shape minds, communities, and, ultimately, our world. Together, let us embark on this extraordinary adventure and create a brighter, greener future for future generations.

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