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Our mission: Climate Education for all.

Climate Awareness Education: Implementing the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) for Climate Change

The purpose of the Climate Awareness Education: Implementing the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Climate Change NGO is to support locally focused climate awareness initiatives that design, demonstrate, and/or deploy climate awareness education curricula, activities, practices, or strategies based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and that connect the local, regional, and global implications of climate change with the lives of students. 

Programs principles

  • Localized standards-aligned education opportunities
  • Creating space for the risk that comes with innovation
  • Building student resilience

The Climate Action Awareness Program 

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2023-2024 School Year



Problem Solving

Climate Action



Our Current Climate Action Schools join as:

Benefits for Schools, Educators, and Students.

Climate Action Schools

Participating schools join for the 6-week program with:

  • Opportunity to join as part of a global network of like-minded schools from around the world
  • School-wide recognition
  • School-wide carbon tracking
  • Enhanced school culture and teacher well-being
  • School-to-home and school-to-community opportunities
  • Media coverage and guidance


Week 1Educator Welcome Week
Week 2Materials Review and Kickoff
Week 3Professional Development
Week 4Classroom Activity
Week 5Classroom Virtual Exchange
Week 6Global Celebration Ceremony

Program Highlights.

  • PD Micro-credentials
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Options
  • Communications
  • Climate Awareness Instructional Activities

Supported by First Lady Tammy Murphy

Take Action Global is proud to collaborate with First Lady Tammy Murphy from 2022-2023

  • 2020: Ms.  Murphy joins for Climate Action Day as Featured Presenter 
  • 2022: Ms. Murphy joins for Climate Action Day as Featured Presenter with students from Tabernacle School District, NJ
  • 2023: Ms. Murphy sends personal message to TAG educators at TECHSPO, NJ Tech Conference

Case Study: Morris-Union Jointure Commission, New Jersey

Morris-Union Jointure Commission, New Jersey joined Take Action Global as a Climate Action School in 2022. 

  • District-wide professional development
  • Climate Action across the curriculum 
  • Student and educator international presentations 
  • Experiences with LEGO and NASA
  • Read more here

EarthProject Classroom App

The EarthProject app allows teachers and students to track and show positive impact of action. 

  • Free iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Teaches and motivates for reducing carbon and plastic waste
  • Track tree plantings 
  • Work as a team and earn badges

A global community of support.

It has been life-changing for many of my students and their families.
I found that absolutely thrilling.

Climate change is real. All around the world where the patterns are changing and affecting people, animals and the environment. To tackle this growing crisis we have to take action. We have to change mindsets.

We need youth’s creativity to repair our planet. We need students to invent and to innovate – to think beyond where we are now and to be optimist about our future.

Young people are on the frontline in the fight against climate change and will bear the greatest consequences of inaction. But, through changes to their own lifestyles and activist movements, they are also playing an important and growing role in pushing government and business leaders for a better response.

Schools and colleges can act as ‘levellers’ to enable all young people to have a minimum level of nature experience, when the opportunities and encouragement they get at home may differ enormously.

It was an amazing experience for the teacher and the students. The participation in this global community made us feel empowered and we appreciated the small yet essential changes in our everyday life we can all do to protect our planet.

I love to participate and that the students perceive that many young people just like them participate in the same actions and also have the intention that caring for the planet is a reality.

We’re really looking forward to understanding what state will be the second state to work together with New Jersey because we can’t do it on our own.

Our Climate Action Schools provide something for everyone. It allows our students to be involved in a front-and-center issue and have meaningful interaction and dialogue and be part of it, no matter what their ability level is.

At the end of the day, the greatest single impact on student outcomes is teachers.

Our climate action partners.

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