Climate Awareness Education

Announcing our partnership with the New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education (NYSCATE) for Climate Change

Take Action Global is proud to partner with New York based organizations, schools, and BOCES to support climate action awareness education for the state of New York. As New York continues to emerge as a national and global leader in education for sustainable development, we are proud to offer programs, resources, and partnership opportunities. Looking for something for 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 year – we welcome you to explore our current and future opportunities and contact us for more information.

Programs Principles

  • Providing Professional Development for New York State Educators
  • Implementing School-Wide Programs around Climate, Sustainable Development, and Innovation 
  • Driving Climate Action across the Curriculum: Computer Science, Arts, World Language, Literacy 
  • Impowering K12, Higher Education, and Global Collaboration 
  • Leading Partnership and Advocacy with State Leaders and Organizations such as LEGO Group, United Nations, and UNESCO
  • Supporting Student Workshops and Youth Activism

Climate Action with TAG across the State of New York

Working with 40 educators from all 5 NYC boroughs around the integration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their classrooms. 

  • 40 Educators
  • 600+ Middle School Students
  • Focused on SDGs across the learning environment

Meet the New York Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards Climate Action Crosswalks

Contact us today for a copy of our New York Computer Science Standards – Climate Action Crosswalk.

The new New York Computer Science (CS) and Digital Fluency Learning Standards emphasize integrating computational thinking and data analysis with climate literacy to enhance students’ understanding of both subjects. These standards encourage students to create models, visualize data, and develop technological solutions that consider environmental impacts, fostering skills in problem-solving and critical thinking. Take Action Global has created alignment maps between the computer science standards and climate literacy standards to facilitate this integration, ensuring that educators can seamlessly incorporate climate education into their CS curricula.

These programs enable students to collect and analyze climate data, develop sustainable solutions, and advocate for environmental stewardship through technology, aligning perfectly with the new standards and empowering students to contribute to global climate resilience.

“New York City is leading the way to protect our city, Mother Earth, and all New Yorkers from the effects of climate change. We love to see young people engage in as citizens, learn how to advocate for yourself and your communities and new generation getting stuff done. I want to congratulate all of you for taking part and Take Action Global. You are learning what it takes to make a difference.”

“Working with TAG has provided us with a means of networking with educators and students all over the world who are working toward a common goal of helping to protect and preserve our planet. It continues to make a positive impact in our school and community as well as helping students learn important approaches to environmental problem-solving. The opportunities the TAG program has shared with Smithtown have helped us become part of a network of sharing and partnership, and have helped our students collaborate, gain skills, and feel empowered.”

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Take Action Global. This program directly aligns with our goal to create interdisciplinary learning experiences that support climate action and provide meaningful global connections. It will also further the development of culturally-responsive and sustaining instructional practices that enhance the academic achievement of the English Language Learners that our teachers serve.”

“Virtual exchange programs shatter classroom walls, fostering global collaboration that enriches student learning, ignites curiosity about the world, and cultivates empathy, all while preparing them to be citizens of a truly interconnected world.”

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Climate Action Awareness Education New York NYSCATE Council Member Badge

Take Action Global (TAG) is proud to announce a partnership with the New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education (NYSCATE) Corporate Council. NYSCATE, a leading non-profit serving New York educators for over 40 years, established the Corporate Council in 2010 to connect visionary EdTech companies with educators and leaders. This partnership allows TAG to reach educators in New York and contribute our expertise in climate action education, benefiting millions of students across the state.

Benefits for Schools, Educators, and Students

EarthProject Classroom App

The EarthProject app allows teachers and students to track and show positive impact of action. 

  • Free iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Teaches and motivates for reducing carbon and plastic waste
  • Track tree plantings 
  • Work as a team and earn badges
Earth App for Climate Action Awareness Education New York

Our climate action partners


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For more information on our programs and partner opportunities in New York state and beyond, please contact Dr. Riley Justis, Chief Operating Officer,