CAS Spotlight: A Journey of Passion and Responsibility: Smart Indian School’s Climate Action Project

  • Location: Kuwait
  • School name: Smart Indian School
  • Students’ age: 10 to 15
  • Amount of students involved: 100

In the heart of Kuwait, at Smart Indian School, a group of young environmental enthusiasts embarked on a transformative journey to combat climate change through their Climate Action Project. Led by their passionate principal, Mahesh Iyer, these students took up the responsibility to protect Mother Earth with unwavering determination.

Throughout their journey, the students were encouraged to gain knowledge about climate change and participate in virtual interactions with peers from across the globe. Exposure to diverse perspectives and brilliant solutions through virtual interactions reinforced their commitment to the cause. Their solutions included regular planting of tree saplings, recycling plastics, making manures out of kitchen waste, and promoting awareness programs around climate education.

Education is the best tool to make the entire nation progress by all means. Climate Change and attaining SDGs are the moral duty of each country’s citizens and the responsibility towards a greener future for future generations. 

The impact on the students was profound, motivating them to say NO to single-use plastics, embrace the 7 Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Repair, and Respect), and find creative ways to turn waste into valuable resources.

Mahesh Iyer’s advice to other teachers embarking on a Climate Action Project resonates deeply with the spirit of their journey – Do it with your hands, heart, soul, and spirit. No matter how small, each step matters in the collective fight against climate change.

As the project concluded, Smart Indian School’s biggest takeaway was that anyone, regardless of age or background, can be a part of the climate change solution. Their passion and dedication proved that each step toward sustainability leads us closer to a greener, brighter, and healthier Mother Earth.

The story of Smart Indian School’s Climate Action Project is a testament to the power of education, collaboration, and passion in fostering environmental stewardship. As other classrooms consider embarking on their climate action journey, let Smart Indian School’s inspiring efforts be a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

You can follow their activities on Facebook and their website to stay updated on Mahesh Iyer’s work with her students and the Climate Action Project.

Important: WHAT did you work on with your students? Please be descriptive and share any helpful links back to your project. At least 7-10 sentences

Awareness programs, conducting special lectures, regular planting of tree saplings, recycling of plastics, making matures from kitchen waste, SDG attainment activities, and virtual student exchange programs.

Important: Tell a bit more about the IMPACT on your students. Why should other classrooms get involved in the Climate Action Project? At least 5-7 sentences

After becoming aware of the fundamental root cause of climate change, others also started feeling about their role in addressing the global issue. The parameters were included in the internal assessment too, for their overall % of marks.

Important: What was your biggest TAKEAWAY after completing the Climate Action Project? Any strong ANECDOTES? Try to share at least 1 anecdote.

If we work together as a TEAM, nothing is impossible in the universe to achieve any GOAL.

What can other classrooms learn from your project?

The basic duty of each of us towards attaining each SDG is to work together for a better environment.

What advice would you give other teachers as they embark on their Climate Action Project?

Come forward with your innovative ideas to attain all the SDGs and upgrade your 21st-century skills.