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Early Access Invitation.

Your Exclusive Early Access Invitation to Apply

Welcome to the Climate Action Schools Program bringing together 2,000 schools from around the world in a yearlong global experience for the 2022-2023 school year. 

For April – August 2022, we are opening Early Access into the program for global schoolsBased on your commitment to innovation and to taking action as a school community, we are excited to offer this exclusive invitation to apply for Early Access to our global program.

Early Access Application Process.

Do we qualify to join in the Early Access Application Process?

Qualification Early Acces
Our school is in session in April 2022.
We have an interest in taking climate action as a school community and in being a part of a global community of changemakers.

Next steps

  • Complete and submit the Early Access 2022 Application by March 21.
  • Check your email inbox for confirmation email
  • Watch for Early Access Invitation Announcements  to be sent via email on March 11.

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Please contact  for more information on how your school can get involved.

Questions from the Community.


The Climate Action Schools Program is designed for anyone, anywhere. We are a global education non-profit organization with a mission of climate education for all, thus our programs are designed for all PreK-12 students and their teachers.


No prior experience required. We believe that in order to tackle the climate crisis, every citizen needs to take actions for change. We also believe education is the best path forward – with students and teachers leading the way. Therefore, we see climate at all levels and across the curriculum embedded into math, humanities, sciences, arts, and more.

Our program is designed for schools ready to learn and to act. No previous experience in climate action is necessary.


No prior experience required. Our program brings teachers and students from different parts of the world together in a shared experience through use of technology and innovative teaching and learning practices. We will guide classrooms every step of the way. No previous experience with technology is necessary.


All program and instructional materials will be supplied, including (1) onboarding materials, (2) teacher trainings, (3) school activities, (4) class activities, (5) school-to-home communications, and (6) school-to-community communications.

Schools and classrooms will need access to reliable Wifi connection and devices.

Schools will also participate in a tree planting ceremony so will need to plan to gather needed supplies: tree/seedling and gardening tools.


The program is designed for flexibility. Each class participating in the program should plan to commit a minimum of 1-2 hours/ week for four weeks to the activities. Some classes will want to commit more time.

A designated school coordinator acting as the program lead on site should plan to dedicate about 2-3 additional hours/ week for four weeks.

Overall, we aim to not add more to the day, but to enhance the current school and class learning experience embedding planet–positive actions into daily routines and lessons.


Everyone will be encouraged to participate. A designated person at the school will serve as the site coordinator. All PreK-12 classrooms, including arts, PE, library, etc, are invited to join in.

Information for parents and community members will be provided as well.


The Climate Action Schools Program is rooted in inquiry, empathy, and exploration. Activities will include: 

  • Schoolwide Asset Finding Mission: to determine what is “working well” with connections to climate and also well-being/ social-emotional learning
  • Virtual Exchange: connecting with global classrooms via online meetings with opportunities for feedback and mentoring
  • Connections to Self, School, Community, and World: view of climate action as a system visualizing collective action as impact
  • Carbon Calculations: use of mobile app to track actions and impact 
  • Documentation of Impact: research, data collecting, publishing, and storytelling
  • Tree Planting Experience: research to identify and understand keystone species and plant a tree in a place of honor on campus or in community
  • Celebrations of Learning: opportunities to bring community together in moments of celebration both in global events and school events 
  • Community Connections: opportunities to engage local community with media, community experts, and school-to-community partnerships 


The Climate Action Schools Program brings a new approach to professional development. As opposed to trainings and PD that are separate from instruction, we believe in connected learning experiences with teachers and students entering as co-learners in the process of taking action.

We provide webinars, learning materials, and guided experiences with human-centered design and innovative methodologies.

We put people first and prioritize five-star “customer service” ensuring that every question receives a response.

We are partners in learning and partners in action. As part of the Early Access program, all schools and participants will be able to earn:

  • Climate Action School Certification
  • Climate Action Educator Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications 
  • Climate Action School Specialist Certifications


Absolutely! Our experience is collaborative and connected! Get ready to meet teachers and students who look and live differently from you. Schools are paired up and classes are age-matched for school-to-school and class-to-class interactions. Guided synchronous and asynchronous learning is incorporated into every week. 

  • Global Schools: opportunities for all 200 schools to come together in online events, online community, and webinars 
  • School-to-School: opportunities to share with your Partner School 
  • Class-to-Class: opportunities to work together with age–matched classrooms in virtual exchanges and in online community spaces. 


For the months of April, May, and June, our #1 priority is to be ready to answer your questions on the Early Access program. We’d love to hear from you with your little questions, your big questions, or even if you just want to say hi! Message us HERE, and we will be back in touch right away!