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In accordance with TAG’s commitment to access for all, this activity was designed to allow for barrier-free learning for all learners. Specifically, [ORG]:

  • Avoided jargon and used clear, commonly understood terms;
  • Provided alternatives in terms of leveling and resources;
  • Ensured all materials and resources are free and accessible by all;
  • Commit to consistently checking links and references to data to make sure all are updated and current.

Joining in TAG’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, [ORG] developed this activity with a commitment to always advocate for representation and amplify the voices of youth of our world. Specific actions that were taken in the creation of this content included:

  • Requested feedback and testing from diverse audiences representative of the participants;
  • Committed to representation in language, images, videos, and resources;
  • Included an invitation for ongoing feedback from participants;
  • Outreach to underrepresented groups with invitation and additional supports if needed;
  • Commitment to review content to ensure equitable learning for all.


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